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~What to Bring~


We have put this list together to help in your preparations for your upcoming journey into the Amazon!  Making sure you are fully equipped for your outing will greatly enhance your ability to heal and rejuvenate yourself. Here are a list of things to bring so that you feel the most comfortable during your stay in the jungle.  The weather is generally mid 70’sF at night and 85-95F in the day.  It may or may not rain intermittently.


~~We have grid power! Somehow they got it all the way out here. We are literally the last pole in the jungle! We have plugs for your appliances if you need to charge a device. (You may want to charge your phone or camera before heading back for the airport. Of course we will have ample power on the last day in town at the hotel.) There are lights everywhere.


~~Luggage: It is not necessary to buy anything more that you have, a backpack is preferred but suitcases are fine.  We encourage you to bring as little as possible. If you are travelling anywhere except to our retreat you will likely highly prefer having one large backpack to any actual suitcases. 


~~Laundry: We will be able to wash your sheets and your clothes for you during the retreat.


  • Your Intentions to Heal!

  • Rubber Boots! - Some call them Wellington Boots, Muck Boots, Gum boots - all the same thing. Bring a pair that fit well, that go up to your knees. Don't bring neoprene BOGS bring actual rubber boots please. You need these for tromping in the jungle both for the mud, and for protection to the legs. If you are coming early it is possible to buy these in a number of street markets near downtown Pucallpa or at most markets.

  • Water bottle

  • Flashlight w/ batteries. Headlamp strongly preferred. Red Mode also strongly preferred.  Look into this especially if you are purchasing a new one. Bring at least 1 extra set of batteries.

  • Camera - extra batteries, backup HD discs, etc.

    • We welcome you to bring your cameras, etc.  However, we ask that no pictures are taken during the retreat of other participants without asking their permission.  We welcome you to take pictures of plants and the scenery, however for the safety of all, to respect the deep inner processes people are going through, and because of the legal status of ayahuasca in the United States, we ask that you are mindful of other passengers during this Program.  Additionally, you are agreeing that our staff may use any photos or recording during this Program for our advertising or other uses unless you tell us you prefer anonymity.  We may ask you to provide us a video testimonial at the end of the Program, if you are willing, for use in our marketing.

  • Any kind of small reading light you may need.

  • Pocket Spanish/English dictionary if you are interested in Spanish. We also have a couple lying around in the kithcen usually.

  • 1 book for light reading/airplane reading. We also have lots of books in our library and love any donations of great books you want to leave here.

  • 2 pairs of light, long cotton pants.

  • 2 pairs of shorts - one heavier, one or two lightweight sports shorts are great around the retreat during the day.

  • 2 pairs of absorbent cotton socks.

  • Rain coat or long poncho (100% waterproof - test before you leave home) – raincoat is sufficient usually.

  • 2 long-sleeved, lightweight cotton shirts. Poly shirts also good and dry faster. 

  • 3 T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, etc. poly great and dries fast. 

  • Sarong or lightweight dress - for after plant baths 

  • 1 Mediumweight sweater/sweatshirt – poly or wool or cotton. It can feel cool at night sometimes.

  • Sunscreen lotion (high factor)

  • Swimsuit

  • A hat that will not come off in windy boat rides

  • Sunglasses

  • 2 pairs of footwear. Besides the Rubber Boots, have at least a pair of regular shoes/light hiking boots for around the retreat or on cleared  trails. We recommend any type of shoe/amphibious shoe/hiking boot May-Nov., but Dec.-April when its raining more we recommend more like Bogs shoes or Crocs. Most guests also like to bring a cheap pair of flip flops for showering etc. We recommend you bring Rubber boots, shoes/boots, and flip flops or crocs. We do not wear shoes inside any buildings so something that slips on and off easy will be convienent. You must bring rubber boots.

  • Insect repellent (20% or more Deet is recommended for forest) pure deet can be nice on pant cuffs. You will use the DEET even if you swear you won’t most likely so bring it for Jungel walks. You can bring a natural repellent for around the retreat center/daily use. Herbal Armour is a very good option.

  • Personal toiletries (biodegradeable). Remember Hair-Ties, Q-Tips, nail clippers.

  • Soap:  Bring your own showering soaps, shampoo. we ask you use biodegradeable soaps only, Dr. Bronner’s preferred. We are always in need of more liquid Bronner's soap if you are willing to donate some.

  • Non Flouride Toothpaste or powder.

  • SALINE SOLUTION if you wear contacts. And your contacts. We recommend you also bring glasses as a backup, if that is an option. Extra saline solution is a great idea.

  • Women please bring all your supplies for being in the jungle during your moon, whether you think it will happen or not. We prefer that if you use an absorbent pad of any type, that you use something that is all cotton, and buryable or burnable, vs. plastic.

  • Medications (pre-approved).

  • Chap stick and salve or coconut oil for dry hands.

  • Personal travel size wash cloth/hand towel for misc. use (always good).

  • Travel size or fast drying showering towel. Each person gets 1 at the retreat, but it can be nice to have 2.

  • Small, lightweight personal blanket/poncho - wool best. good during ceremony, extra on bed, lounging on the groud, etc. sarongs, ponchos, small throws, etc.

  • Travel Diary/Journal/Sketch book and pencils/pens.

  • Ceremonial clothing – please bring some clothes you feel very comfortable in! We ask that you attempt to wear as much white (or at least light colored) clothing during the ceremonies as possible, as it helps to repel negative energy and attract and hold the light energy.  This will help the shamans work on you and also find you in the dark!  If you are able to bring a set of dedicated clothes that is excellent, if not, do your best!  As a note, during ceremony we recommend you wear or have in pile next to you in case: long pants, a pair of medium socks, a long sleeve shirt, perhaps a light scarf, a sock hat, a sweater, and water bottle.   Pads to sit on, and light blankets are provided in our ceremonial Maloka. You may have a chance to purchase some ceremonial clothing from Shipibo villages on our way out to the retreat, or in town at the market if you come early on the 1st day and we have time.

  • A photocopy of your passport & itinerary (I like to bring 2, hidden in different places)

  • Lightweight Yoga Mat - for morning gentle movement a mat that you can sacrifice more or less is good. The floors of the temples tend to rub off continually on thte soles of our feet and clothes, so to keep you clean, mostly, we recommend bringing a yoga mat for morning warm ups. Because we are doing stretching you must either use an actual yoga mat, or nothing. Blankets are not accepted as you can slip and lose grip. If you are in Peru before your retreat, it is possible to buy these, probably at the mall. There are also a few sports stores in Pucallpa. You won't get a very nice one probably if you buy it in Peru, however.

  • 1-2 Lighters

  • big ziplock bags to protect your moisture sensitive items from getting wet from just sitting around.

  • waterproof Clock or Watch so you know when to meet for group activities


Other Optional Items

  • some money in Neuvos Soles.  While all expenses are paid, you may want some spending money to purchase handmade goods when the local Shipibo women visit with their crafts and fabrics/if we go by their marketplace.  We will not have time to exchange money during the retreat so please get Soles from any large bank in your country before you come to Peru (if you forget you can probably also change money while on your layover at the Lima airport).  The exchange rate should be the same as in Peru.  Many banks have to order the money in so make sure to order it at least a couple weeks before your trip. ATM at the airport is also a good way to get $400 usd out at a time or so. Plenty for all you will likely buy.

  • small pocket knife.  Not at all required, you may like it if you bring one; this is the jungle. Remember to pack in your checked bags only.

  • Hand sanitizer spray or gel for when we go to town and for the airplane etc.

  • Oil of oregano-  while this should be unnecessary for your entire trip with us we recommend you bring anyway. We are talking about a tincture, like Herb Pharm's Oregano Extract, which you would put about 3-6 drops of in per L of water and drink to keep bad bacteria from growing in you.

  • RFID proof secret wallet.  These are easy bought at AAA, REI, or anywhere that has a travel section.  We recommend you wear a secret wallet with your passport, inbound white ticket (from Peruvian customs when you enter through Lima), copy of passport, copy of itinerary, a few Soles tucked in, a few dollars tucked in, driver’s license, credit cards, your international traveler’s insurance ID# and contact.  We recommend you only bring what you need from your normal wallet/purse at home.



~Our Wish List~

If you are able to make us some offerings, we truly appreciate it. We are all creating this retreat together. Leave it nicer than when you came by making an offering if you are inspired to! We always love to receive:

  • Dr. Bronner's unscented liquid soap in any size.

  • Extra medical/first aid supplies like band-aids, gauze, epi-pens, ACE sports bandages, etc.

  • Tea lights. 

  • Crystals for the Temple Alter

  • Books for the Community Library

  • Flashlights/Headlights

  • Rubber boots you leave after your retreat

  • Yoga mats you'd leave after your retreat or bring new. 

  • MMS solution concentrate.

  • Lighters, batteries.

  • For giving to local villagers, neighbors and our Peruvian Crew:
    tshirts, hats, flashlights, sewing/embroidery supplies, small toys, old smartphones, laptops, reading glasses

  • If you stop in town first and go to a market, the Curanderos will love it if you bring them pre rolled mapacho (tobacco), Agua Florida, and Agua Huaringas.





You may bring but you will not need, and have little time for any electronic devices. You may wish to bring a music player for the plane ride, but a computer is superfluous for our retreat and will likely prove a burden in the jungle.  We have limited power and will not have internet at the retreat during the Program.  The staff does have phone reception for any emergency situations. 


Chemical scents, incense, or perfumes.  We welcome people to have reasonable amounts of all natural plant essential oil based scents.


Any non-approved prescription or recreational drug of any kind.


Anything extremely valuable.




Video screens (or please have off during entire retreat).

Food other than what you brought for your travels here.


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