The Transformative Healing Process of

Integrative Amazonian Curanderismo...


                  The main focus of the retreat is centered around the                                   traditional healing sessions we will experience using various                     modalities, including; clay detoxing, flower and leaf baths, purgatives, ayahuasca ceremony, Kambo and Master Plant Dietas. You will be encouraged to help in harvesting and preparing the remedies we use during your retreat.


Our daytime activities are selected to help enhance and deepen our experience. We will have integration time after each Ayahuasca ceremony.  Our activities will broaden the perspective of this work’s effect on our world, helping us to integrate our healing into our daily lives. We have visits from Shipibo hand crafters, walks in our jungle and around our land talking about the plants and connecting with the trees, lots of time to reflect, paint, journal or simply sit in a hammock and embrace YOU.

We encourage you to spend the morning connecting with the jungle, the sounds, drop in to meditation or some gentle yoga or dance to suppoort the growth and development of not only your heart and mind, but your sacred body.


During the retreat each participant’s body is also guided to relax and unwind into the process of unfoldment. Sylvie is available to provide bodywork to assist you through bodywork to help integrate your body to fit the new you and unwind from your old patterns. (please schedule this with Sylvie personally. Sessions are at an additional cost.)


This Retreat will give your body a chance to be healed in ways not possible using only one practice alone could.  The result of combining unpatterning practices along with training new platform uploads to our systems simultaneously, in all dimensions of the self, is a profound approach with unimaginable results for each one of us!


The retreat is strictly electronics free except for flashlights and use of cameras, although we encourage limited use. Having a two week e-detox alone will start calming and reseting our highly sensitive nervous systems in whole new ways. Get away from the wifi and get away from the humm, and find the beat of eternal life pulsing within. 


In addition to the daily routines of wellbeing, there is a progression to the work we will complete.  Over the course of your time at the retreat center we will work into and back out of, our most intimate healings. In order to accomplish the most effective, efficient, and permanent healing we have designed a program that utilizes the primary components of Amazonian medicine in a certain physical, emotional, and spiritual progression.  This progression will allow us to first let down our guards, then open to the process, then receive of the immense healing available to each of us, and then to firmly seal and anchor these updates into our systems.


The Traditional Amazonian system will start off focusing on elimination and purification. On the first full day in the jungle we often start out by cleansing and eliminating with a traditional purge utilizing Hierba Louisa or Ajo Sacha.  These are brewed up into a purgative tea, to cleanse the entire upper GI, stomach, and organs. This process is also protective to the entire energy field, a necessary factor for the opening that is about to come. 


We will also partake of full body, clay detox packs using local clay that we will harvest from nearby waterways. That afternoon we will receive plant baths,  and go on to partake in a night of ayahuasca ceremony. Each ceremony day we will harvest, prepare, and administer floral plant baths to each participant, in the traditional manner.


During each day our activities will engage us to learn about many master plants of the jungle, as well as an immense number of medicinals. We are often cooking our own ayahuasca, harvesting plants and learning more! We invite you to join us!


In general, we will have 6 Ayahuasca Ceremonies during a 2 week treatment, as many as 12 in the 1 month dieta, along with 3 Kambo purges at each.  The ceremonies will be lead by Master Curanderas, along with Sylvie, and are of course fully translated. Every day we will spend time talking through your healing process. At times we are guided to share more of our individual and collective experiences in group settings to gain insights from our own reflections within each other's perspectives.


During the course of your time here with us we will eat simple jungle dieta food and be partaking of different master plant concentrations to deepen our experience and allow the healing of ayahuasca, and the jungle herself, to penetrate us more fully. 


Los Cielos is sealed and protected, so that these lessons learned are held fast within each of us, and we will prepare each participant to return to their lives renewed, rekindled, and inspired to go for it, creating the life that will fulfill them into abundance, and serve the highest good for all! 


Everyone here at Los Cielos has experienced these changes in our lives, and it has been apparent to those around us along the way. We are overjoyed and humbled at the opportunity to make this offering to any who come. We are here to hold the space for you to make your own journey, into the center of your heart and back. We have set in place a platform that has been shown to provide a safe and effective outcome time and time again.  It is our service to this work to share this great opportunity with anyone who is willing to let themselves enjoy the benefits of the healing potential that is around all beings, at all times. It is our prayer that through this work, we are all made more aware of the love and abundance that surrounds each one of us in all situations. And as we open our hearts to the Sacred, we learn to turn even what we thought would be our most inner poison, in fact, into very good medicine. 


We look forward to guiding you through this process, using the plants as our teachers, guiding us to our lives' most important healing work. Through the depths we may have to traverse, through the stars we may get to fly, and in the end we must turn inward to focus on the seed of our inspiration, that it may grow up and into the light, where all comes from and returns. It is our intent to help you find these seeds and get them growing with vigor and beauty! What these seeds are and how the fruits will taste is an exciting journey of mystery for us each. May this earth be covered in the beauty of our mysteries' unfoldment.




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