Botanical Sanctuary Details & Accomodations


                 We are pleased to offer incredible seclusion and jungle                                isolation, while also providing basic needs for our guests                            comfort. We strive to maintain the most rustic and authentic jungle experience while also exceeding our guests expectations for sanitation, comfort, and safety.


Los Cielos is located just 45 minutes outside of Pucallpa, Peru via roadway. Depending on the season and weather when you come, you will arrive to the center by boat (half day) or by road. We all look forward to immersing you into a jungle way of life and healing, while providing a nurturing diet and environment. Unlike most retreats in Peru, our “rustic yet comfortable” retreat offers incredible opportunities for “roughing it” but also has solid infrastructure to ensure you have a very safe trip.


We caretake 135 acres and steward hundreds of species of all the main Amazonian medicinal plants. Our housing is communal, although men and women are separated.  We have deluxe/couples tambos available as well for added privacy.  All of our dwellings and meeting areas are fully mosquito netted and enclosed! The main focus of this retreat is your personal healing and introspection, and all of our facilities are in place to enhance this dedication we have to you, our guests.  



  •  135 Acres pristine lower Amazon jungle Sanctuary.

  • Deluxe communal housing. Quality mattresses, cotton sheets - not plastic!

  • Private casitas w/ private bathroom/shower available.

  • Clean toilets and showers.

  • All buildings fully mosquito netted.

  • Clean drinking water from our 180' deep well. Gravity fed property wide via our private water tower. 

  • 110V power property wide.

  • Western grade kitchen. Stainless sink and clean appliances/cooking area.

  • Intimate ceremonial Maloka. 

  • Access via road or waterway. 1 hour outside Pucallpa, Peru. (flights into Pucallpa via Lima, Peru 4x daily.) 


Additional Features:

  • Hammocks in the shade.

  • On-site protein - local fishing, free range chickens

  • Self guided plant tour.

  • Dozens of tropical fruits grown on site.

  • Hundreds of medicinals grown on site.

  • Delicious meals prepared from local fruits and some staples (rice/quinoa).

  • 2x weekly laundry service.


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