Come for the Mystery, lose yourself in the jungle, and let your Spirit find you once again...

                                                                Here's how it all began...


                  Los Cielos was started in 2010 as a collaboration of both                               Peruvian and N. Americans with an interest in cultivating and                 disseminating the use, history, traditions, and healing of the Amazonian plant curing system. We have collaborated with some of the best shamans in the entire Amazon, and our retreat center location was carefully designed to provide the most impeccable platform possible for holding retreats to heal and teach in these ways. We searched through all of Peru to finally decide on Pucallpa, in the Ucayali Rio region of north-east Peru. This area is known to have the strongest Ayahuasca vine in all the Amazon and has produced and nurtured the long careers of some of the worlds most well-known shamans.  


Los Cielos Botanical Sanctuary retreat is located about 1 hour via roadway outside of Pucallpa, Peru.  We sit in the "Campo Verde" part of the Las Americas village system. We are very close to the infamous San Francisco Shipibo settlement, and are surrounded by many others throughout the jungle. We are truly in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, immersed on all sides by the culture of ayahuasca.


After travelling the world, and being healed in the traditions of dozens of indigenous tribes worldwide, our founders ended their search for the world's most adept and ultimate healing plants here in the Amazon. We envisioned a place where people from all over the world could go and get a traditional, authentic, rustic experience of being isolated deep in the jungle - and yet one where basic facilities were ensured to provide a safe, sanitary experience, so that it is easiest to let down all layers of defense and receive of the healing frequencies exuded by the plant maestras most completely. A place with clean water to drink, with no buses driving by or even airplanes overhead, and only the chirps and coos of the animals and insects to seduce our inner imaginations.  A place where the living heartbeat of this earth, in its most profoundly raw and unchanged form, may still be felt when one is silent in the forest.  A place where life transformations will unravel gracefully and give inspiration and vision to all. 


In collaboration with Peruvian partners land was acquired and all proper documents were put in place. In the next years the first builings were carefully erected and the kitchen built. The water tower was raised to provide us with clean, pure water from a 180' deep well. We now have gravity fed, running, drinkable water property wide.  


Here at Los Cielos we offer our guests authentic, organic experiences which connect us with the living heart of Pachamama. Come soon and experience the mystery of life unfolding with us deep in the jungles of Peru!



Our Vision

To support the full awakening of all beings -  to educate, inspire, and activate our multi-dimentional bodies into their full potential, manifest through our highest offerings.


To honor and uphold the sacred ways of our Ancestors wisdom - of the Eternal Law of One, while integrating the teachings with a new understanding of transcended paradigms into the encoded frequency of Pure Divine Love.


To create a safe & nurturing Sanctuary atmosphere for powerful healing, introspection, and rebirthing life transformation through providing opportunities for sacred personal communion with Nature.


To protect and preserve traditional cultures and the plants and ecosystems of the Amazon jungle.  



We are confident you will find yourself a home away from home here at Los Cielos. It is our privilege and joy to caretake of this divinely sweet spot of Mama Earth for us all. Come and enjoy the gifts of nature's healing while knowing you are nurtured and well cared for!



Trusting in these Ways,


~Los Cielos Family


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