Meet some of the Amazons' most powerful, yet humble Shamans...


               We take great pride in developing lasting relationships with                      everyone we work with. Our center is proud to be supported                      and desired by many incredible local shamans. While Rocio and Orlando are our main shamans for most retreats, occassionally we will have a guest. Each curandero is of course specifically adept at their own unique abilities, and the synergy between these amazing healers can really make for some powerful ceremony. With so much respect for their traditions and lineages, we are delighted to work with and learn from each of these incredible healers.  


During the retreat each the shamans and our Facilitation team work fluidly together to allow each shaman to flourish and express their own unique talents during ceremony, while also all working together to create a unified energy to guide and protect the group all night long.

We are very proud to be working closely at this time with Rocio Isamani and Don Orlando Mateo. Read their bios below.



Maestra Rocio Isamani
Rocio was born in Santa Rosita, near Pucallpa, Peru and descends from a family of Shipibo Shamans.  Her first mentor was her grandfather, Esteban Melendez, she was merely 9 years old. After her grandfather's teachings she began to work and learn from her mother and step father - both Shamans - who were her teachers up until their final passing in 2011.  It's fair to stay that her life has a been a succession of mentors and teachers all under the Shipibo tradition.  She has  been studying and learning from many teachers for over 30 years.  During those 30 years she's worked with people from all over the world who come to Peru for healing as well as her fellow Peruvians. She's worked on healing a plethora of diseases as well as with people from a vast array of social backgrounds, ages and demographics.  

She personally has worked with dietas of many plants, her longest one was for 4 years.  She's worked arduously with plants and "palos" opening her visions and capacity to connect with you, the medicine, the songs for your healing.

Rocio has five children who live in Pucallpa and has recently become a grandmother.  Her two sons have followed in the family traditions and are practicing Shamans, who occasional pay us a visit for a night or two.  

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