Our Staff is excited to greet you!


               For each retreat we carefully assemble our staff from our pool                  of amazing collaborators. We'd like to introduce our primary                    staff! We join our Peru based staff with experienced guides to enhance and specialize each retreat. Each of our staff is focused on their offerings to serve you, our guests, and all have extensive experience with the Madrecita Ayahuasca. Whether guiding you through gentle movement, to paint your visions, or leading a jungle walk to gather plants for any number of sacred plant medicines, our staff are all experts in their respective fields, and together we draw from decades of experience across a diversity of fields of practice.


By having deep and lasting relationships with these Amazonian medicines ourselves, we are able to help guide our guests through the intricate and intimate process of unfoldment that takes place at our retreats. We are here to both guide participants through the process, and to witness and support each participant as their own unique unfurling begins and grows. 


"We strive to create the most life enhancing experience possible, and we are all here to serve our guests. It is our pleasure and honor to host you in the Amazon jungle and welcome you to the culture of Amazonia as our family. We all love what we do and are so excited to meet you here at our retreat center!"    ~ Los Cielos Family




Sylvie Joy Olson Meier   


Owner/Founder, Primary Program Facilitator


Sylvie is a World citizen. Born in Europe and raised primarily in France near the sea, she has a true appreciation for the deep relationships we can cultivate with nature, both within and without, when we live in harmony and balance with the Earth. She has spent the last 16 years traveling the globe working with indigenous peoples learning their traditions, simple ways of life, and cultivating a deeper connection with our highest selves. Sylvie has called Pucallpa, Peru home for the last one and a half years. She has worked as an ayahuasca facilitator both in Peru and abroad for the past 6 years. Her relationship personally with Madre Ayahuasca is long standing and she has great reverence, respect and devotion to this ancient healing medicine and the indigenous people of the Amazon who keep her spirit through their songs, art and profound connection to the forest.  Sylvie offers many years of experience as a facilitator and guide. She is delighted to be in service to you and Pachamama as you step in to the deepest parts of yourself.


Sylvie is a graduate of East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. She utilizes Structural Bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy, and many other complimentary forms of therapeutic massage, movement re-education, guided meditation and sound therapy. Integrating these therapies and the concept of mobilization of the spine for flowing balance and optimal energy as you awaken to your body, sourcing your innate healing and highest potential is the intention and objective of her practice. Sylvie’s experience focuses on the philosophy that when we find balance between movement and stability in our bodies - minds and spirits - we are subjected to fewer rules and restrictions in our lives and we are more adaptable to the ever changing world around us. Sylvie’s sessions are client-focused and driven by you and your specific needs. Working together to get you over the fence so that you can find your own way back in through the gate to your highest potential is her goal.


In 2015 she completed her trainings working with Andean plants and from the Quero tribe, high in the mountains of Peru and also with Kambo- frog medicine, from the deepest jungles of Brazil.


When Sylvie is not working with you in the Amazon she is in the forest with the herbs and bounty of the beautiful Northwest United States, spending time with friends and family in the kitchen, sitting in Vipassana, or traveling the globe seeking new experiences, cultures, and wisdom.


"I am here at this time, in this place- in the highest vibration of love for the purpose of my conscious awakening and yours, in any way spirit finds our hearts. My heart and my mind are open to you. May all beings be happy, peaceful and liberated."

                                                                                                          ~ Sylvie Joy Meier

Tyler C. Olson Meier   

Owner/Founder - Co-Facilitator


Tyler was born and raised a Canadian from Calgary, Alberta. He was born with an innate desire for seeking adventure and knowledge. Living in a city with the Rocky Mountains on his doorstep, he found many ways to indulge in his passion of being outdoors by skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, rock climbing and spelunking.

Tyler also found his wanderlust early. He had travelled to Australia, New Zealand, and Guatemala all by the time he was 14. His travels have now taken him through most parts of Central America and Nepal.  His bucket list of countries and places grows daily.

Knowing that he would never be happy in a scripted 9 – 5 job. He attended University and obtained 2 years of Adventure Guide Training with certifications in BCROA (Raft Guide), Swift Water technician, Wilderness First Aid Responder, Basics in Rock Climbing, Sea Kayak Guide, and High Ropes Specialist.


Suddenly, in 2014 with no notice, he was struck down by MS (Multiple Sclerosis).
While in the hospital and after enduring weeks of ingesting pharmaceuticals; soon after discovering treatment would require daily injections of steroids at different sites of his body, Tyler decided to steer away from modern medicine and heed the call of Mother Ayahuasca. Tyler believes in his heart and soul that the regiment of modern medicine would only hurt him, not help him. Tyler's desire to go to Peru and pursue an organic therapy grew and he believed a clean total departure from Western diet and cleaning up his body were key. His friends and family organized a fundraiser to help get him there.  It took several months and a lot of sacrifices but he finally managed to make it to Peru.

Just prior to leaving, Tyler experienced the onset of another attack and by the time he was to leave for Peru, he was numb from his feet to his below his neck.

Upon his arrival they started treating Tyler right away. Much of his therapy centered around cleansing the body and introducing superfoods and nutrition packed foods, movement therapy, massage and self reflection all in preparation for his ceremonies with the Ayahuasca and for his overall well being. He received an integrated and holistic approach to bringing balance in to his body. After 2 ceremonies he started to feel his feet and legs again, after 6 ceremonies he had feeling in the lower half of his back, and within a few days after his 7th and final ceremony he had complete feeling back and his overall level of fatigue was much less. Tyler hopes to share what he has discovered in his journey with Amazonian plants, a clean and nutritious diet, and ongoing support the changes and challenges of living with Multiple Sclerosis. In the future he hopes to share his stories over the internet and through his travels to bring awareness to how what we eat, do and how we are exposed to many environmental toxins contributes greatly to one of the largest epidemics in human history; Autoimmune Disease.


After returning to Calgary, An opportunity presented itself for him to come back to Peru and not only engage in continued treatment, but to become a part of the team to assist others in their journey. Currently, Tyler is training to work with the medicines. Specifically Kambo. He is honored to be of service. With Tyler's background in outdoor safety and emergency training Los Cielos is pleased to offer you a safe journey in our extraordinary wild place.


“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.  ~Max Ehrmann, Desiderata