Master Plant Dietas
~Personal Renewal in the Heart of Amazonia~

                We are delighted to make these offerings of Sacred Ritual,

                Healing, and Self-Transformation! In the spirit of the Amazon System of Healing we have moved away from Western Retreat Work with only Ayahuasca and Present to you an authentic individual treatment based experience tailored to you and your individual healing and work as well as deep immersion in to Master Plant Dietas. We work with Shipibo Maestras and Maestros in a co-creation with you, Ayahuasca and the Amazing Plant Spirits of the Peruvian Amazon in a thousands of years old tradition.


We are now accepting Applications for all upcoming Ayahuasca Dieta Treatments and Master Plant Dietas. These treatments and Dietas are designed to allow for a full integration of the incredible experience of the jungle. We congratulate you for advocating for your own highest healing and development, and we invite you to come and experience the power of the Amazon for yourself... 




Welcome to Los Cielos Peru. At this time during the Covid 19 pandemic we are open in a limited way.  All quarantine on arrival requirements have been lifted in Peru and we continue to properly observe recommended guidelines and do our due diligence to protect you and our community. We have been coordinating with the ministry of health to be registered in full compliance with all Covid 19 recommendations. Our space is currently limited to 10 people or less at any time in treatment or dieta. We will remain informed and continue to keep everyone up to date around the most current recommendations. We believe all beings are sovereign and may choose to participate in the healing that serves them best and have the right, as human beings, to make their own choices. As a community we are here, we are sharing all of our resources and supporting our Peruvian and Indigenous brothers and sisters during this difficult time.

Join us as we Elevate Human Sovereignty!

Additionally, please remember that to enter Peru you'll need a Negative Covid PCR-RT test performed in your departure country within 72 hours of your flight. Make sure to check your returning Country's policies as well - to return the the USA you'll need to fly to Lima and then get a Covid PC-RT test, and then have your flight for the next day in order to be able to board back to the United States. We can direct you to our preferred B'n'B that will also facilitate you getting the Covid test done correctly for your flight, and give you transportation for everything

Thank you for working with us and having the motivation to get to the Jungle amidst the inconveniences of these times!!!

See you soon amigos!!!


 & Treatments:


****Beginning in August of 2021 we will be moving forward in our Treatment and Dieta format in the spirit of the Amazon System of Healing. 


•Treatments: are 2 weeks long and include 6 ayahuasca ceremonies, 3 Kambo sessions, purgatives, plant baths, plant vapors or any other form of supportive plant therapies that you may need as an individual in your individual treatment plan. In your application please let us know when you are hoping to come visit and we will make a plan with you.


•Master Plant Dietas: Dietas are 1 month or longer. They include ayahuasca ceremonies that are in alignment with your particular plant diet. You will sit in ayahuasca ceremony in the beginning to determine your plant and to open your dieta (The frequency of your ceremonies after that will depend on your individual journey in your dieta), 3 Kambo sessions, purgatives, plant baths, plant vapors or any other form of supportive plant therapies that you may need as an individual in your individual dieta plan. In your application please let us know when you are hoping to come visit and we will make a plan with you.

Prices. (all in $USD)

  • 14 Day Treatment: $1550.00 ($500 deposit/$1050 Balance)

  • 1 Month Master Plant Dieta: $2150 ($500 deposit/$1650 Balance in Cash)

  • Custom Retreats: $155 per day. (7 day Min.)



WOMEN'S Retreat (16 Days) - TBD 2023


BROTHERHOOD - A Men's Retreat (16 Days) - Sept. 2nd - 17th: $2850


Pueblo Retreat.  - TBD - Small Group Deep in The Amazon.

We also can accommodate you for custom treatments to fit your timeframe and needs (7 days minimum). Please indicate that on your application. 


**After filling out your application we will be reaching out to you to talk about Dieta and Treatment specifics and to answer any questions you have. 

(Instructions on how to make your deposit & preparation info are sent in the Confirmation email, after your online Application is approved.)


We welcome anyone to join us who is...

  • Inviting a Full Energetic re-calibration.

  • Committed to looking within for personal transformation.

  • Dedicated to unlocking their complete life’s potential.

  • 100 percent responsible for their own healing and this process.

  • Open to allow the deepest healing experience of a lifetime!


  • We will be accepting no more than 10 select participants at any time here in at Los Cielos.  Please remit your finished Application as soon as you have made the choice to invite this healing experience into your life!            Once accepted, you may make your payment to confirm your reservation.



A Journey to the Center of the Heart...

Our staff will be waiting to meet you at the airport here in the jungle city of Pucallpa, Peru. It will be our delight to guide you into the Northern Amazon jungle, outside of this booming jungle town. Located on the banks of Rio Ucayali, famous for one of the richest lineages of medicine men and women known, we access the most sacred deep jungle plants growing on earth today.  By the hands of Mother Nature, and some of the most humble and powerful shamans in the area, we shall all be beautifully thrust into the most meaningful moments of our lives. This Retreat will serve as a cornerstone for the rest of your life.

Pucallpa is home to the Shipibo-Conibo tribe, who have been developing and perpetuating the sacred traditions of healing and culture associated with the Amazon for thousands of years. Here in the jungle, the spiritual, emotional, and physical realms are all seen as one. Under the direction of our shamans, the plants will guide us through our processes to eliminate fear, purify the body, and heal & inspire the heart - all while learning in the traditions of those that have come before us. Key points of inner wisdom may be accessed to provide tools for manifesting our highest offerings here in the real world in which we live. Chronic illnesses of all types can be addressed with this work. Physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual trauma can be overcome. With trust in this work and ultimately oneself, there is a way through anything, guiding you into the life you were born to live!


We will offer this experience to anyone with or without previous experience with the Ayahuasca medicine. If you are ready to begin your relationship to this medicine, but have not yet, it is possible to come. No matter our experience, the experience forces us to look deep inside, and will challenge each of us to our very core.  Our shamans and staff are here to encourage & support each person through this delicate process of highest unfoldment, as we flower into the Light.


This is NOT a retreat for someone:

  • looking for a vacation.

  • that can't step away from internet, social media and technology for a short time to commit to this deeply internal work.

  • that has not committed to themselves and willing to be 100% responsible to follow through on their healing.

This Ayahuasca Retreat is for individuals who are:

  • Committed to or searching for a spiritual path

  • Prepared to Unlock and Repattern all old paradigm systems and programs

  • Ready to take the next step in mastering themselves, and the reality they are co-creating in every situation.

  • Responsible (or ready to be) for their actions and how they show up in the world for themselves and others.

  • Fully committed to their life, healing and this work.

  • Already on a healing path with Ayahuasca and are ready to deepen their relationship to this Medicine and her Allies. 

  • Fully in understanding that nothing outside THEMSELVES can make them less or more.


Our full experience will last from when you arrive, to when we see you off. This length of retreat will allow us the time and space we need to fully align with Nature, shed our old selves, open the space for our gifts to come, receive and be inspired, and finally, anchor and seal our spiritual foundation in order to manifest our newfound truths. Of course the longer the retreat the deeper we can explore and heal. 


Upon being accepted to the program you will be sent an email that explains everything in more detail as well as what to bring, travel information, etc...


These Dieta Retreats are each an incredible opportunity for anyone called to experience the healing vibration of the jungle at this time. We look forward to guiding you deep Into the Amazon and are honored to prepare this experience for you!



Step into your Highest Self... 




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