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May 1st - 12th, 2024




Embark on an epic journey of brotherhood and self-discovery exploring the mysterious inner realms
of Mother Ayahuasca and the Anaconda energy of the Amazon and letting your spirit soar with

Grandfather Wachuma surrounded by nature in her full beauty.

We will explore the concepts of worthiness, vulnerability, and our masculine/feminine balance as

we recover our divine masculine identity.

We will merge our light and shadow through all of the divine power that we possess. 

This one-of-a-kind All-Men's Medicine Retreat combines
embodiment practices, breath-work and plant medicine ceremonies
for an incredibly transformative healing experience.

Here at Los Cielos Peru
 Tyler, Jason Lilley And Danny Panzella-Vellez
 invite you on this incredible journey
 In the remote parts of the 
Amazon Jungle.

Join us as we Elevate Human Sovereignty!





During our time together, you will be supported to...


- Indulge in the disconnection from the outside world and the technology detox that comes along with it.


-Heal & Release past wounds, limiting beliefs, blocks in the body and the subconscious mind.


-Call back the empowered parts of your being that have been pushed down, shamed and silenced

and come alive in your worthiness


-Experience life-changing plant medicines in their traditional settings: Three Ayahuasca ceremonies,

two Kambo ceremonies, one Vomitivo and one Wachuma Ceremony. A profound plant cleansing in a tranquil Peruvian jungle sanctuary.


-Heal brotherhood and emotional wounds, be in your full masculine and spiritual power within

a community of like-minded men.


-Build a foundation of inner safety, worthiness, and self love to empower yourself

and setting strong boundaries.

Why Kambo?

Kambo’s treasure is to ignite a fire in the shadows you do not have conscious access to.

She works in the places before language and into the womb time. Within this particular

shadow lies the key to what you are here to do during this life time and the creative energy to bring that to life here and now.


Why Ayahuasca?

Well that’s obvious! She may be the Master Healer and Way-shower of your

life and destiny. She will take you by the hand and start you off at pre-school

and guide you as far as you are willing to take your education and connection to all that is living.

She help you bring your greatest, most creative gifts to life.



Why San Pedro?

San Pedro reconnects us to ourselves and to Mother Earth/Pachamama,

is a master teacher plant embodying the sacred divine masculine in balance and a great gift

from the universe. He helps us to grow, learn, and awaken, and assists us in reaching higher states

of consciousness and divine balance.


This retreat will be a space to shed past wounding, stagnant energy, shame and limiting beliefs

held in the body and subconscious mind-specifically around masculinity, worthiness, our bodies,

our inner power, and brotherhood with other men.


Let's Unveil the Mystery Together!

*Price $2450
Deposit: $1000
Deposits are non-refund
able. All deposits by April 1st
Balance due on or Before May 1st.

Included in this Retreat :

* 3 Ayahuasca
* 2 Kambo
* 1 San Pedro
* 1 Vomitivo
* Embodiment practices, Breath-work  
*Medicine Plant Treatments:
(i.e.: Plant baths, Vapors and Body treatments)
*Boat ride to visit animal sanctuary and local artists
* Accommodations, Food & Transportation
to and from airport to retreat location**
*****ALL Air Travel to and From Pucallpa, Peru
are NOT included in the retreat price. You will need to make your travel plans in advance
to get the best deals and flights.*****

Your Guides


Maestro Orlando 

Magin Matios

Is a Shibibo Maestro. He has been working with the medicine for 31 years.  He knows how to work with other plants such as Toé, Pińon, Aya Huma to name a few.


He has been helping people recover from their sicknesses as well helping with their mental problems with themselves and their families 


He brings much joy to the ceremonies with his Bright spirit and his joy to dance.  


Jason Lilley

Works through various Eastern modalities of breath, will and movement to bring balance to mind, body and emotions.

He is on his own journey of surrendering to life through connection with the plant spirits and the etheric mystery. 


Tyler Olson Meier

Owns Los Cielos Peru with his wife Sylvie for 8 years working with people in the Amazon. He is on a deep personal journey to explore programming, releasing and integration of the masculinity and femininity in himself. He is inspired to express, create and share with other men through his feminine side and support them to expand and balance their masculine and feminine nature.  

   ~Retreat Application~


Thank you for your interest in Las Creadoras. Our All Womens Retreat.

Please fill out your Application today! 

All participants at Los Cielos must complete and submit this application. Please bear in mind that through our experience in this work, and to ensure that we are all going to make a great match, we ask a number of very personal questions. To honor every participant, as well as the sacred diets and traditions of the Amazonian healing system, we ask each question with sincerity. Also, because of the nature of the plants we will be using in this retreat, we ask a number of medical questions, that all need honest answering. It is imperative for your physical safety that you answer completely and accurately each question.  Through proper due diligence in screening participants we ensure the best alignment of energy at every retreat, resulting in the most healing for everyone! Thank you for your patience and hard work in filling out this Application. We mean it.


We look forward to meeting you soon in Peru! And congratulations for making this commitment to yourself! You are worth it!



 ~ Los Cielos Peru and Another Planet Peru

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