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Wow, I spent 2 weeks at los Cielos and had such a profound experience. Sylvie and Tyler have created such a beautiful and sacred place for soul level healing. I am still in awe of my time spent at los Cielos and will forever hold this healing and transformational experience close to my heart, I am truly not the same the person in so many fundamental ways. Their staff is so sweet and all my needs were more than taken care of. During my time there and in ceremony i could feel how in integrity the space was held and the immense devotion that the maestros and the los Cielos community have for their people. I would describe them and their ceremonial space as, “the real deal”. Couldn’t recommend them enough. I look forward to coming back for a longer dieta and stay.

Liz (USA), January 2022

Had an incredible 30 day solo dieta experience at Los Cielos. Sylvie and Tyler are magical beings who clearly have very deep integrity with the sacred plants. Sylvie is a phenomenally gifted body worker as well. The Shipibo curanderos were incredibly gifted in their icaros and healing. I felt so much love and support throughout my entire time there. Doing a 30 day solo dieta was an unforgettable experience, much more personal and deeply healing than the group ceremonies I’ve experienced before. I had a lot of deep personal work to work through while I was there, but it was more than worth it. My experience was highly transformative. I feel more love and light than ever before. I highly recommend! 

Genevieve (USA) 2021

I recently had the pleasure of spending one month in Dieta at Los Cielos Peru. I have been dieting with Amazonian Plants for almost five years. As a single woman traveling and going in to most vulnerable places in my soul it was a breath of fresh air to meet such genuinely kind and supportive souls as Sylvie and Tyler. I felt supported, respected and deeply held by everyone. I take this work deeply to heart and was met with the same. Sylvie diligently reminded me of my courage, my strength and how to show up for myself. Tyler and Sylvie connected me with my plant teacher through dedicated and strong healers. The Shipibo healers presence and dedication to the plants was gentle and loving and their willingness to share stories and knowledge will stay with me always. They even journeyed down the river with me to meet my tree in person! My experience was profound and I thank Los Cielos deeply for creating such a loving, kind and potent space to heal. I feel such joy! Thank you.

Stefanie (Canada) 2021:


Kevin, USA

I came to Los Cielos For the Men's Retreat in Sept 2021. Sylvie, Tyler and all the staff welcomed me with open arms and were so supportive. I felt as if there were angels guiding us through our process.


Elena, Italy

The land has a very healing high vibe quality to it. The place itself it’s very pure and conducive of deep healing processes.


Aman, USA

Los Cielos was a great experience. Tyler & Sylvie are great hosts. Along with everything at the retreat! This was my first Aya experience and I'm so grateful it was at los cielos.

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Natalena, USA

I first heard about plant medicine and Los Cielos five years ago when my son stayed with them for several months seeking healing for war trauma. He often spoke of how Sylvie, Tyler, staff, and the shaman were instrumental in helping him on his healing journey. 


Denise, USA

Upon arriving I received the warmest welcome, and this continued through my entire stay at the Los Cielos Peru Earth Hospital. Sylvie, Tyler and their group took all COVID-19 precautions and went above and beyond to tailor my stay with great care and compassion. 


Mosha, USA

Upon arriving I received the warmest welcome, and this continued through my entire stay at the Los Cielos Peru Earth Hospital. Sylvie, Tyler and their group took all COVID-19 precautions and went above and beyond to tailor my stay with great care and compassion. 

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Robin (USA) 2021

I recently completed a 2 month Dieta at Los Cielos. I am an experienced dietero and have had so many varying experiences in dieta and with Ayahuasca in large retreat settings, basic settings in the jungle with the indigenous and solo at home. I contacted Sylvie some time last year and expressed my desire to go in to more Master Plant Dieta and be held in a place of community and learning in the jungle. I felt called to return to the source. My past experiences were good in the past, but I was looking to go deep and be supported, but also free of the energy of others and their process or the subtle and distracting energy of pueblos with so much need it is hard to concentrate. I was looking for family, for support, for understanding and for someone with a deep connection to guide me through my dieta as well as strong and dedicated curanderas. There is a very special way that Tyler and Sylvie have partnered with the Shipibo Maestras that spoke to me and I was drawn to this place. I am so glad I found Sylvie and Los Cielos. I unpacked years of subtle violence and shame against my person. I am forever changed. I was able to go deep in to my exploration and relationship to my plant guide and got much needed support and understanding of this very diverse and complex system of healing through plants from Sylvie. Teolinda and Segundo were incredibly present and their dedication to their work day in and day out really stood out to me. These are some of the most loving and supportive beings I have met. The entire place and the people working there are deeply sweet people and I felt so supported in the deepest dieta. I look forward to more! My deepest gratitude to the plants, to Teolinda and Segundo, To everyone at Los Cielos and to Sylvie who really was the light in my storms. I highly recommend this experience.

Elena (Italy) 2021

I have been staying at Los Cielos for many months. The land has a very healing high vibe quality to it. The place itself it’s very pure and conducive of deep healing processes. The owners Sylvie and Tyler are very grounded humble yet strong presences That can accompany you through thick and thin, and make you feel comfortable and at ease during your process. the ceremonies are very safe weather is ayahuasca or Kambo. And the shipibo healers are valid and knowledgeable.
Sylvie s not only a great shaman but she is a wisdom keeper and alchemist..she prepares very good medicines weather is Ayahuasca or other plants like bobinsana, una de gato etc. You can have the chance to learn a lot about plants from how to grow them to how to harvest and process and journey with them or do dieta with them. I can say that Los Cielos is a earth hospital / school and I would highly recommend it, if you want a very deep yet grounded transformative experience in a safe pristine environment 2 h from Pucallpa.

Denise (USA) 2020

Upon arriving I received the warmest welcome, and this continued through my entire stay at the Los Cielos Peru Earth Hospital. Sylvie, Tyler and their group took all COVID-19 precautions and went above and beyond to tailor my stay with great care and compassion. The facility is beautiful and amazing, even down to the lux composting toilets and pristine cabins. From visiting with the monkeys, enjoying the tasty snacks and lovingly prepared meals to movie night where I learned in-depth about the Shipibo ikaros, it is truly a home away from home. Ceremony in the maloka is an experience like no other with the evening sounds of jungle life and the healing patterned singing of Rocio, Sylvie and Tyler facilitating the “defrag” to end the chatter and create a soul re-membering. Los Cielos Peru Earth Hospital is more than an experience… it is a life-changing dip in the pool of life with so many surprises and synchronicities. Cheers!

Sierra (USA) 2019

There has been a subtle change in how I perceive the world around me after my experience at Los Cielos. A friend keeps telling me “there is a sparkle in your eye”. I would say there is a sparkle ignited inside of me that is radiating out through my eyes.
I was at Los Cielos for a 10-day retreat. During that time, Sylvie created a safe healing environment to experience Ayahuasca, Kambo, Mapacho, and Rapé. I felt fully supported by Sylvie and Tyler during my process. There were also plant baths available for cleansing and integrating the various experiences. I found them to be just as healing and revitalizing in the heat of the jungle.
It was lovely to interact with Rocio. Her healing intuition was right on. I had a firsthand experience in her ability to heal my physical body that has still enabled in be in less pain. Rocio also has a warm playful attitude that is heart opening.
Now, the food was amazing! The food was flavorful, nutritious, and kept to the limit of the plant medicine diet. I have so much gratitude to the wonderful ladies who made our food!
I am so grateful for the support at Los Cielos and look forward to more experiences with them in the future!


Lihi (USA) 2018

Imagine a place where you can JUST BE YOU, a place you’d be checking your old self at the door and then begin a new journey of finding your true self… Los Cielos was that place for me!

My cousin has been talking about Sylvie and Ayahuasca ceremonies for years, and even though I have been intrigued by his stories, I had hard time to believe any of them.

It was not before I felt as if my life got stuck; I was not happy with my job, living situation, friends and everything else around me. Even though I had everything I dreamt of- something was missing.

A year in the making, I was then started to look for a deeper meaning, searching the web for testimonials and videos of people who went through this process. After all, jungle living and magical broth drinking still sounded a little freaky. Getting tired of thinking about it, I decided to just go and try it myself.

Arriving in Peru was nerve wracking. Although I have watched every possible YouTube video, I was still skeptical. It all fed away once I met Sylvie and Los Cielos’ team members. There and then I just knew I made the right decision. Everyone was very welcoming which made me and all other retreat participates feel at home.Our retreat lasted 10 days; on the agenda were many ceremonies. Those ceremonies were so profound and eye opening for me, but the best thing of this entire retreat was Sylvie. Other places may offer similar ceremonies, but no other place has a wonderful person like Sylvie. Sylvie guided us throughout the entire time, in ups and downs, making sure we are being taking care of, mentally and emotionally, around the clock. Knowing there was someone to talk to 24/7 was priceless. Sylvie is very knowledgeable and experienced with plant medications and ceremonies. She had an answer for every silly question. Sylvie was very patience with everyone, which made me feel safe and secure.

Few months have passed since I got back from Peru, and I can definitely say that my experience at Los Cielos was one of the best thing I have ever given myself. I have a feeling that one day I will be back at Los Cielos ….

Stephanie (AZ, USA) 2017

Ayahuasca is a very personal journey and so wherever you are guided be sure to do your research and find a retreat that works best for your needs. 

There is a lot of love and support at Los Cielos. Everyone there feels it is important you have the best experience possible. Any concerns and questions are anything but a burden to the staff and volunteers. All are open to share and teach and guide you as best they can. I would recommend to at least attend the ten day retreat in order to get the most out of the experience, especially if you are new to ayahuasca.

Muchas gracias to my Los Cielos familia.

Heather Bellini (USA) 2017

"Sylvie is undoubtedly present and intuitive! Which is what is needed in this process. She is a safe, secure and reliable guide for your journey. I was able to do some very deep personal work. She helped me to understand and integrate my experience and allowed me to feel free and supported in my process. Without Sylvie, I am not sure I would have been able to process and integrate this phenomenal and life changing experience. I have a new ability to shift and transform negative feelings and experiences as well as to shorten the duration. I don't get stuck anymore. I was really scared to meet myself and Sylvie allowed me to be strong. You're lucky if you get to work with this amazing woman and have an amazing transformational shift! Go for it! You're worth it. It's going to be awesome." 

Daniella (USA) 2016

     "I visited Los Cielos for 4 days. It's unlike any other retreat center I visited. Other retreat centers have a one size fits all approach and an agenda that you need to follow. Most of these big name centers are like ayahuasca factories and just want your money. Los Cielos are very hands on, attentive, and offer lots of personal care. Other retreat centers I visited have large groups of people coming and going with few facilitators to check in on you. At Los Cielos I felt like family and they listened to my individual needs, constantly checking in to see that I was okay. The manager, Sylvie, specializes in Kambo, frog poison cleanse, so if you go you'll get a special treat of getting to work with this medicine. The ceremonies were exactly my style... everyone sang, played instruments, and if I was having a hard time Sylvie was there offering support. I felt so unbelievably safe and heard. 

     The most important factor is that they spend their money on the community and hire local workers. Many retreat centers set up shop and hurt the local economy because they bring a bunch of white people on board and exploit the local community. Los Cielos treats their employees like family, and offers them medicine. They also do a lot of work in the community to give back. This is one center that is doing the local economy good. 

     They brew their own medicine! Los Cielos is very particular about their brew, and Sylvie is a master herbalist, so she ensures it's good stuff. Sure enough, it wasn't watered down like most other medicine I've tried, and yet it also wasn't mindblowingly overwhelming. I felt the medicine even tasted smoother than most. I can't recommend Los Cielos Peru enough!

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