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~Travel Information~



We have compiled this information to help you prepare for your trip, and to make the logistics more easy and compelling to accomplish for your journey. If this is your first time travelling abroad, it is liberating and exciting. These tips will help you have a succesful adventure!



  1. Fill out our Application


  3. Purchase your plane ticket.

  4. Pay for the trip.

  5. Read the website and prepare yourself mentally.

  6. Pack your bags.

  7. Let the journey begin...




In general purchase Round-trip airfare to Captain Rolden International Airport, Pucallpa, Peru. 


Please be to Pucallpa by the day before Day 1 of your retreat. This will give you time to have a good night's sleep, and breakfast in the morning before we pick you up at 9am.

Make sure your return flight is NOT the last last day of your retreat, but no earlier than the NEXT day. We will arrive back to Pucallpa on the final day of your retreat, but depending on what activity we may do that day, and weather conditions, we may not return you to your hotel until as late as 10pm sometimes. You don't want to have to be rushing to catch a flight. 


Your flights are NOT included in the cost of this program.  You are responsible to pay for your own round trip tickets and get yourself to the Pucallpa airport (or Pucallpa via other means) at the correct time.  We recommend using to book flights, and choosing LAN airlines for all your international flights if possible. TAN is also ok.

Your hotels are NOT included. Plan for around $40 USD a night for a nice room at Hotel Gavilanes for your stay before and after.

All retreats start on Day 1 with pickup at Los Gavilanes hotel in Pucallpa/Yarinacocha.

If you choose to purchase Shipibo tribe items or other artwork, goods, etc., you will have opportunities to do so, but no other money whatsoever will be required once we pick you up, until we drop you off. Remember to get Nuevos Soles from your home bank before your trip for your gift purchases.






***Please email both to us (at as well as yourself, a copy of your itinerary, your passport (scanned), your traveler’s insurance Policy#/Phone #, and Emergency Contact Name/Phone #.




To enter Peru from the United States you do no need a Visa. Always check with the Peruvian Embassy in your home country before your trip to make sure you acquire the appropriate docments for your vacation. You may easily stay a month for a vacation with no hassels. From the United States, nothing is required but a passport. Inquire at the Peruvian consolate's office in your country if you plan to stay in Peru over 2 months. 



Unlike some South American countries, no vaccinations are required to enter Peru.You do not need malaria or dengue fever meds. In general, do not get any vaccinations either. Most all of these react poorly with the medicine we will be using.  There has not been a reported case of either Malaria or Dengue in our area in a very long time.



You will be accompanied by a Facilitator at all times when on the retreat, and all services will be translated into English as needed for you.  This includes group and individual integrations, and any activities, ceremonies.



A couple of weeks before you go, make sure to notify your bank or credit card processors that you will be in Peru and have them unlock your cards for use here during your trip. As all costs are paid you likely won’t need your card, but it could be handy at the airport or if you need to ATM cash for goods you want to purchase. Of course we recommend to bring some Nuevos Soles with you for this to save you time and exposure. There are ATM's all over, just like in America, where you can easily get your cards normal daily allowance at an ATM out.  If you are coming before or staying after your retreat, we recommend that you purchase hotels and meals as much as you can on your card, and ATM the rest of what you need over bringing lots of cash or traveler's checks. Traveler's checks are accepted less and less. We recommend relying on your card.  Of course if you travel before or after, much out of major cities, you will need all cash soles (and coins). * PLEASE NOTE * Currently as of February 2023, in Pucallpa there is a minimum $10 USD fee for all ATM transactions and the most it will allow per transaction is $200 USD. Be prepared to have any cash that you need BEFORE the retreat starts. There will not be opportunities to use an ATM once we pick you up on Day 1. Use the ATM before that please. 



We do not cover you for any insurance. As it states in the waiver, you are fully responsible for any and all health costs incurred, including emergency medical evacuation.  We STRONGLY RECOMMEND purchasing an international traveler’s insurance plan for your trip, starting the day before you leave, and ending the day after you return.  These can be easily purchased through companies like AAA, with just one phone call, and cost just over $1.00 per day of your trip (your cost is going to be like $25-$50 probably).  It will cover you for up to millions in medical care including evacuation costs.  We urge you to have yourself covered. Please send the policy number and contact on to us, so that we have it in case of an emergency situation. 


Let someone know where you are going and when you will be home!




Remember diet friendly travel snacks for the airplane ride. Bring electrolytes and protein. Don’t bring produce, they will take it at Lima.



We have a few tips based on decades of international travel.

  • Make sure to email yourself your passport, itinerary, and drivers' license photo before you start your trip.

  • put a few bills of the local money under the sole of one show and a few bills of USD under the other sole before you start your trip.

  • In this modern day, we recommend travelling with an RFID proof wallet for at least your passport, if not for all your credit cards, etc. These are readily available at AAA, REI, etc.  These wallets prevent identity theft. They are a good idea anywhere.

  • Travel with your passport and a small amount of cash and one card in one wallet. Travel with the rest of your cards and any other valuables in another more hidden wallet, like a belt wallet under your pants. 

  • Put anything in your bags that can be ruined with water inside a ziplock bag. Also bring a trashbag or two inside your bag as you never know what can happen.

  • If travelling past the retreat, get a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter at Radio Shack. None of the outlets have 3 prongs in South America. Usually a 220 adapter is not needed, but if you touch any electronic while charging it may shock you, since they are not grounded usually.

  • You will not need it with us, but if you are travelling on we highly recommend that you bring a USB rechargeable water filter, like a SteriPen. Available at REI.

  • If you need an epi pen please bring it.



When you get to the Lima airport you will go through customs. Say you are on vacation and are leaving in 30 days (or whenever you are if you are going on an extended trip).  They will record your entry electronically. please keep your passport on you at all times while traveling in Peru.


At the next phase of coming into the country, you pick up your baggage and then all bags go through x-ray and they will really crack down on produce usually. Otherwise they are usually not too intense. 

Once you have made it through customs you must go outside onto the street and turn left, going back into the next set of doors to come back into the airport.  The facilities in Lima airport are generally nice, and they have wifi at two of the restaurants and Starbucks.  We like to go to Tanta café upstairs.  They have great teas and snacks that are well made! If you want to sleep until your plane leaves, the safest place is at the gate for the plane. The airport is generally pretty safe. 

The flight from Lima to Pucallpa is nice and short. Enjoy the jungle views as you land in Pucallpa, and we'll see you soon!


In Pucallpa you will land and walk off the plane to the terminal. Then you come into the terminal and collect your bags at a small carousel. You may then follow the instructions that Confirmed participants get in their Confirmation info, to head to a hotel for the evening, and we will pick you up on Day 1 at 9am. Make sure to arrive BEFORE Day 1, and have time to settle and rest up a bit. 


BnB de Kiki



We have personally stayed at all of these hotels. We enjoy them for different reasons, and have selected these to best suit the varied needs of our guests. During the retreats we are currently staying at Los Gavilanes both at the beginning and end of our retreat. We encourage you to enjoy the diversity of what Pucallpa can offer before or after your stay with us!


  1. Hotel Los Gavilanes  - Upscale Family Style. Pool, Nice restaurant. Wifi. Laudry, etc. In Yarinacocha.

  2. Manish Eco Lodge - Nicer yet outdoor tropical paradise type retreat. Pool, excellent restuarant, Wifi. Laundry, etc. near airport in Pucallpa proper.

  3. Hotel D'Selva        - In downtown Pucallpa, good choice. see them on yelp by clicking here

  4. Rio Ucayali              -  The most upscale, would be a 5star hotel in the USA. Full accomodations, roomservie, masage & spa, multiple restuarants, art exhibit, etc. rooftop pool. Located 2 blocks from the Centro Plaza in downtown Pucallpa. 



If you are coming to town for a few days, check out some of the diverse and delicious food. We eat at all of these places and have not had any complaints. We recommend exerting caution when eating out. Always drink bottled water and eat less greens unless you are sure of how they/if they were washed. We are confident in all of these places. If you are not sure, always order hot/fried/boiled dishes.


  1. Veggie Breakfast - Vegetarian food and juices, health food store with dry goods. Open for breakfast and lunch. Located in the main square, el Centro, Or Plaza de Armas, in Pucallpa. It has a small sign out front and is next to the lawyer's office, Oficina Abogada, across the Plaza from the Government Building and the Church.

  2. Chez Maggy Pizza - great Pizza and more like Mexican food as well, Burritos etc. The pizza's are truly worth your time. Excellent Shipibo inner design in the restaurant. 

  3. Anaconda - floating restaurant down in the Marina at Yarinacocha. We will go there on most retreats. Great service, food, atmosphere. 

  4. Ristorante Rio Ucayali - this is the 5 Star Restaurant inside the Rio Ucayali Hotel. You do not have to be a hotel guest to go to the restaurant for Lunch or Dinner. It is very good, possibly the best in Pucallpa. They serve a variety of locally inspired and traditional dishes, with locally wildcrafted herbs, plants, and jungle meats in them. They also serve "organic" greens and excellent salads. The atmosphere is of an elegant restaurant, not floating on the Amazon, but the food is exceptional

  5. Dulce Mania - juice and espresso bar. About two blocks off the Plaza, on the same street as Rio Ucayali (we think, need to triple check). Good Wifi connection and good drinks. 

  6. El Elixir - Smoothies and health food bowls. Off the main square in Pucallpa. 

  7. Ukaw - Amazonian Chocolatiers! Great food too.

  8. Moka Pot Cafe - Great food, great coffee and great service.



All of the hotels we list have wireless Internet, if it is working.  Most the hotels have at least one computer that you can use there if you don't have one. There are a number of Internet Cafes as well, esepcially right off the Centro in Pucallpa. Dulce Mania (a cafe) is a good place to go for fast internet as well. 



On the return trip you will be asked to fill out a customs declaration for your country.  It is unlikely you will buy your limit in goods, but for example, the limit in the United States is $800.  If you purchase over $800 in gifts you are taxed.  Claim what you have and they probably won’t hassle you at all. 



If you would like to continue on after the retreat to visit Machu Picchu, etc., please let us know and we are happy to give you some advice on how to plan a great trip for before or after the retreat.


In the Pucallpa area, some good places to visit are (we see some of these in our retreats depending on what we do):

  • "Novia" or "Dulche de Diablo" - a picturesque waterfall in the canyons of the Upper Amazon, as it fades into Andes. About 1.5 hours by motorcar/bus from Pucallpa, it is a great getaway for the day. there is a decent restuarant/cafe at the waterfall. It costs under 10 Soles per person in coin soles only, no change, at the gate (not sure of current rate). There are tour buses leaving each day for there from Pucallpa. Inquire at your hotel. Great swimming and a place to get some reflection in for sure. Highly recommended.

  • Markets in Yarinacocha at the Marina. - great place for souvenir and gift shopping. A bit of a tourist trap but still has good offernings, nightlife, restaurants.

  • Maroti Shobo - in the main "Centro de Yarinacocha". Shipibo indoor market place.

  • Pucallpa Zoo. Zoo's are in many ways unfortunate, however this is a quite nice zoo and a great place to see animals that you don't get to in the jungle usually, and many that you are likely glad you didn't see in the jungle. 

  • University Regional de Ucayali Botanical Gardens - excellent place to see a diversity of plants

  • Pablo Amaringo Museum/Usko Ayar Painting school - Pablo Amaringo's originals and prints for view and purchase. In Yarinacocha. We usually go here during the retreat. Irregular hours.


Also of interest is nearby Aguas Calientes, which you fly to. It has incredible hot springs alongside the river. 


Contact Casa de la Gringa in Cusco. Super amazing hostel, cheap rooms, great people. They offer many things. San Pedro ceremonies with top notch medicine, lineage made. It's offered up above Cusco in their mountain house and it's an amazing place and experience with amazing people. You visit the Temple of the Moon and Inca ruins during your San Pedro journey.

Also, if you tell them your dates, they also arrange trips to Macchu Piccu and many other sacred places all over the Valley. Safe, great price, all included.


Contact Gretty at Casa de la Gringa in Cusco. Be sure to tell them you are being sent by LOS CIELOS PERU. Good friends. They will take GOOD care of them. Please use all 3 email addresses in your email to them. Faster service.


CUSCO FOOD - Eat at: 

Green point (vegan and amazing!) meal of the day is 16 soles

Greens (similar)

The shaman (similar)

Jacks (good old fashioned western food)


The planetarium visit is epic. Run by a family - hot chocolate and stargazing. Sweet


You can visit the animal sanctuary and hang out with the condors. Ask at Casa de la Gringa for directions.


Also, Pisaq is just 30 minutes from Cusco. The market and the little city are full of medicine people and funky international travelers. Great place. If you go at Ulrikes and check out the Shamanic Snuff shop, full of traditional medicines and specifically Rape'. Run by our friend Ananda. Tell them Sylvie sent you. 


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