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Meet some of the Amazons' most powerful, yet humble Curanderas...


                We take great pride in developing lasting relationships with                       everyone we work with. Our center is proud to be supported                       by many incredible local shamans. While Teolinda is our main curandera for most retreats, occassionally we will have a guest. Each curandera is of course specifically adept at their own unique abilities, and the synergy between these amazing healers can really make for some powerful ceremony. With so much respect for their traditions and lineages, we are delighted to work with and learn from these incredible healers.  


During the retreat each the shamans and our Facilitation team work fluidly together to allow each curandera to flourish and express their own unique talents during ceremony, while also all working together to create a unified energy to guide and protect the group all night long.

We are very proud to be working closely at this time with Maestra Teolinda. Her dedication to the plants is extraordinary and potent. Read her bio below:




Maestra Teolinda Rengifo Sanchez

Metsa Mea in Shipibo


Teolinda is 55 years old and lives in Pucallpa. She grew up in Río Pisqui Obispo Irazola a community close to Contamana on the Ucayali River. Teolinda has over 15 years experience in dietas with master plants, healing with Ayahuasca and the healing frequencies of the icaros.  She is absolutely dedicated to this path and holds an unfaltering faith in their ability to heal us.


She was introduced to the traditional medicine from her grandfather, he was a curandero, and she was observing him preparing Ayahuasca, plant remedies, harvest plants in the forest and healing the sick.  Sometimes she would sit in ceremony and listened to icaros of her grandfather.  At the age of 26 she went to Iquitos to sell her artectafts. In order to heal a certain condition she went to visit a tribe from that area and dieted there for one year for self healing purposes. After that dieta she went back to Pucallpa and decided to learn more about traditional plants healing and kept dieting for years to learn. She especially developed a relationship with Kamalonga with her grandfather and father that were both curanderos . She trained for ten years before she met a Chilean Curandero and was invited to Iquitos to give ceremony in  retreat centers for westerners.


She learned traditional art crafts form her mother. From the age 12 years she started practicing and also learned traditional pottery. 


Teolinda's message for the world: in this world there are a lot of diseases but I feel confident for addressing all of them with plant medicine. I trust totally the healing power of plants  and the traditional Shipibo medicine for healing all type of diseases. I believe it is our personal responsibilty to rise to our own healing and co-create these healing experiences with the plants and with all of humanity.

Cushi Joi!

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