& Joy

All -Women's Medicine Retreat

September 21st - October 8th, 2021

Join us in the Amazing Plant World of the Peruvian Amazon and The Andes as we journey through rejuvenation, support and joy! This gentle and supportive journey with the Plant Masters is here to support you in a cleansing and recuperative journey to your feminine self. We will begin in the Amazon and Journey to the Andes taking in the beautiful scenes and elevated energies of these Amazing Places supported by our Beloved Plant Teachers and Indigenous Family.
This All-Women's Medicine Retreat is designed to expand our awareness
and bring us into deep rejuvination and joy. The gift of this journey will be in the empowerment and joy in all ways and in every way and forever in your life. 
Los Cielos Peru together with Casa De La Madre and Another Planet Peru invite you on this healing journey beginning in the Amazon Jungle and finishing
in the heart of the Andes.
Join us as we Elevate Human Sovereignty!

*Price $1550 
Deposit: $800
Deposits are non-refundable. All deposits by August 28th, 2021.
Balance due on or Before September 21st, 2021

Included in this Retreat :
* 2 Ayahuasca
* 1 Kambo
*Medicine Plant Treatments:
(i.e.: Plant baths, Vapors and Body treatments)
River Trip and Jungle Walking Journey
* 2 San Pedro
* Light Activation and Aura Reading
* Queros Despacho Ceremony
* Pisaq Excursion
* Condor Sanctuary Visit 
* Daily check-ins and sharing
* Accomodations, Food & Transportation
to and from airport to retreat locations**
*For the last 4 days in Cusco, including the 2nd San Pedro
Ceremony the Women will be joining
the Brotherhood Men's Retreat. 
*****ALL Air Travel to and From Peru, Pucallpa and Cusco
are NOT included in the retreat price. You will need to make your travel plans in advance
to get the best deals and flights.*****
On the Pisaq and Cusco Excursion days you will be on your own for meals
after breakfast as you explore.


Why Kambo?

Kambo’s treasure is to ignite a fire in the shadows you do not have conscious access to.

She works in the places before language and into the womb time. Within this particular

shadow lies the key to what you are here to do during this life time.


Why Ayahuasca?

Well that’s obvious! She may be the Master Healer and Way-shower of your

life and destiny. She will take you by the hand and start you off at pre-school

and guide you as far as you are willing to take your education.



Why San Pedro?

San Pedro reconnects us to ourselves and to Mother Earth/Pachamama,

is a master teacher plant, a great gift from the universe. It helps us to grow, learn, and awaken, and assists us in reaching higher states of consciousness.

Wachuma shows us our divinity and the divinity in ALL.


   ~Retreat Application~


Thank you for your interest in the Women's Rejuvination Retreat. 

Please fill out your Application today! 

All participants at Los Cielos must complete and submit this application. Please bear in mind that through our experience in this work, and to ensure that we are all going to make a great match, we ask a number of very personal questions. To honor every participant, as well as the sacred diets and traditions of the Amazonian healing system, we ask each question with sincerity. Also, because of the nature of the plants we will be using in this retreat, we ask a number of medical questions, that all need honest answering. It is imperative for your physical safety that you answer completely and accurately each question.  Through proper due diligence in screening participants we ensure the best alignment of energy at every retreat, resulting in the most healing for everyone! Thank you for your patience and hard work in filling out this Application. We mean it.


We look forward to meeting you soon in Peru! And congratulations for making this commitment to yourself! You are worth it!



 ~ Los Cielos Peru, Casa de La Madre and Another Planet Peru