Come Join us January 5th-18th, 2020 for a transformational 14 Days
of self discovery, challenging yourself to be a more awakened you! We will be diving deep bringing balance to our divine masculine and feminine energy,
working with the medicines and plants provided by Pachamama.

*Price $1900 /Early bird Paid in Full by Nov.15th, 2019
$ 2100 - General
Deposits for general : $800
non-refundable. All deposits by December 3, 2019. Balance due December 29th. - (Please fill out application)

Included in this Retreat :
* 7 Ayahuasca
* 3 Kambo
* 1 Mapacho Purge
* 1 San Pedro
* Plant baths offered daily
* Consultations with the Shamans
* Daily check-ins and sharing
*Bringing our feminine and masculine in to balance
* Movement - Yoga, Pilates etc.
* Accomodations, Food & Transportation
* Boat tour on Yarinacocha

Heart Strong: A Modern Man's Retreat is about bringing balance in to our lives.
To learn to be present to the truth of our divine natures and the full expression
of our creative energy.

We will evoke these deeper states of awareness, vulnerability and personal
sovereignty through the sacred plant medicines, Kambo, exercises and coursework geared toward expression, creativity, vulnerability and virility.

Los Cielos is a community! This community serves the Indigenous of Peru and Brazil,
The Peruvian people, Passengers seeking healing from around the world,
The Amazon forest and all of those worldwide that heal through her medicines.

We are a growing community deeply dedicated to living wages, being good stewards
of the forest, learning how this ancient knowledge serves us all and provides
an opportunity to remember our nature and remembering those who have held this
work through the millennia.


Why Kambo?

Kambo’s treasure is to ignite a fire in the shadows you do not have conscious access to.

She works in the places before language and into the womb time. Within this particular

shadow lies the key to what you are here to do during this life time.


Why Ayahuasca?

Well that’s obvious! She may be the Master Healer and Way-shower of your

life and destiny. She will take you by the hand and start you off at pre-school

and guide you as far as you are willing to take your education.




Heart Strong: A Modern Mans Retreat is a 14-day retreat created to challenge courageous men ready to come in to balance in their masculine and feminine presence. With the assistance of the sacred grandmother vine Ayahuasca and the Powerful cleansing of the Kambo frog. Participants will be given opportunities to break through limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns. Immersed deep in the Peruvian Amazon (, this retreat is designed to transform men into new Versions of themselves and develop new Visions for their lives.


The 2-week experience will: assist in the balancing of masculine & feminine energies; serving men to (re)claim sovereignty as powerful purposeful leaders; and develop heart-centered genuine connections with other Men!


We offer the time and space to concentrate deeply on yourself, and through work

with the different plant medicines, along with other facilitated growth work, we will

cover all these things and more.































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