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6 DAY SHAMANIC RETREAT  ~  April 4-10, 2017

in collaboration with & offering…

Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony by Robin Clements


This unique 6 Day retreat is designed to offer the most purification, healing, empowerment and personal growth possible incorporating Robin’s Breathwork into our Amazonian modalities. 


In this intensive retreat we will introduce a variety of Amazonian healing medicines, in a sequence designed over thousands of years to produce the best results for personal and unique healings for each of us. Shamanic Breath will deepen our perception of ourselves as we learn to unfold and utilize our inner power with the practices Robin will teach us.


Breathe to the next level of your own clarity and awakening in the Shamanic Breath Ceremony! As a result of this direct experience each participant will establish a daily conscious breathing practice for self care and higher awareness at this powerful time in human history.


This retreat is for you if:

1.You’re willing to surrender the beliefs that no longer serve you.

2.You want to take the next step towards our collective awakening.

3.You are looking to explore and are willing to learn.

4.Your heartfelt desire is to unlock your soul’s potential, expand your horizon, and connect with others who share a similar intent.

5.You have a strong passion to go deeper into the exploration of human nature and the mystery of life.


Together we will engage in sharing circles, shamanic ceremonies, movement and breathing practices for the purpose of healing, embodiment, clarity and union.


This retreat is All-inclusive, and Features:

* Intention Ceremony

* 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies with traditional Shipibo maestros

* 2 Kambo Ceremonies with our lineage holding Kambo shaman

* 1 Shamanic Breath Ceremony

* 1 Mapacho purge ceremony

* Rapé Medicine throughout

* Plant baths

* Consultation with Shaman and traditional temporary tattoing.

* Jungle Walk on our 135 acre Sanctuary.

* Group Integrations

* All ayahuasca diet-grade, local/jungle emphasized, organic, gourmet food.

* All deluxe shared accommodations, delicious well water, yet full jungle experience.

* Botanical Sanctuary

* Shipibo mini-market of goods for sale

* Pick up on Day 1, drop off on Day 6 in Pucallpa.

* All meals, transportation, everything.



  * Your airfare to Pucallpa, accommodations before/after retreat, gifts you wish to buy from our shamans and Shipibo workers. 



$849 USD.  ($400 down, $449 due March 26th)

OR $820 paid in full by March 20.


Group size limited to 13 participants.


Robin Clements: a Vibrational Medicine Specialist.

Sr. Teacher Trainer of Conscious Connected Breathing, founder of Baja Wellness, Doctor of Divinity and Master of Ministerial Science. Robin has received initiations from lineages including, Transformational Breath, Re-birthing, Shiva Rea, Tibetan Dzogchen, Lakota, Anishinaabe, Navajo, Mexica, Huichol, First Nations and several bodywork certifications.

His passion is facilitating collective breath ceremony and teaching teachers. He offers a space grounded in science, held in prayer, insight, compassion and humility with 19 years experience guiding him.