~3 or 4 Day Sample Itinerary~


We offer highly efficient 3 Day Retreats which offer a comprehensive introduction to Amazonian medicines through a number of ceremonies and rituals, all in 3 days!

3 Day Retreats are held at your request, any day of the week. Please contact us ahead of time and we can make a 3 Day retreat anytime we do not have a regular 10 or 18 day retreat happening.

We offer:

  • 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies 

  • 1 Kambo Frog Purification Ceremony 

  • Group Integrations, Plant baths, and high vibrational vegetarian diet. 

  • Optional Jungle walk, Structural Integration/massage ($60/hr. a la carte).

  • Transportation from your Pucallpa hotel on Day 1 morning and returning you on Day 3 by evening to your Pucallpa destination. 

  • Optional Daytrip to Velo de la Novia Waterfalls on Day 3. Leaving from retreat around 5-6am and returning to Pucallpa hotels by 10pm. Additional $95 per person.  

  • 4th Day Extension - Waterfall trip on Day 4. The cost is $125 instead of $95 - to cover the extra night and meals.


***This is a sample of what a retreat might look like. Please be aware that every retreat will be unique and reflect the needs of each groups dynamics, more so than sticking to a strict schedule. With the 3 day Retreats, it is usually pretty close to this. 


***Also note that for the 3 day retreat, Day 1 is loading out to the Retreat first thing. Make sure your travel plans get you here the day before to rest up and be ready for Day 1. Likewise make sure you plan to leave no earlier than the day AFTER your last day with us, which will be a full day. 

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~Ayahuasca Dieta Retreat Itinerary~

Approximate Itineraries – this is the Jungle!