~Ayahuasca Dieta Retreat Itinerary~

Approximate Itineraries – this is the Jungle!

~10 Day Itinerary~

 ***This is a sample of what a retreat might look like. Please be aware that every retreat will be unique and reflect the needs of each groups dynamics, more so than sticking to a strict schedule. For example; we offer the yoga every morning, but of course it is optional if you just need to sleep, etc...


***Also note that for the 10 day retreat, Day 1 is loading out to the Retreat first thing. Make SURE your travel plans get you here the day before Day 1 to rest up and be ready for Day 1.  Likewise make sure departing plans are no earlier than the morning of the day after Day 10. We will sometimes arrive back to your hotel as late as 10pm on the last day, if there is poor weather, or if we are just having a great time on our final day outing/adventure. 

Day 1 – Heading to Retreat

9am- Pick up from Gavilanes hotel and head to Retreat. 

1pm- Lunch. 

4pm - Welcoming Gathering

7pm - Bonfire


Day 2 – The Purification Begins

– Rise & Shine!

- Mapacho Ceremony

– Individual meetings with Shamans & painting of Huito tattoo 

- Clay detox & flower baths/sopladas

- Rest & Preparation for Ceremony

– 1st Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 3 – Opening the Window of the Soul

– Group Integration (in Maloka)

– Light lunch

- Cleansing baths

- Rest & Preparation for Ceremony

– 2nd Ayahuasca Ceremony


Day 4 – Inward Perspectives

- Kambo Ceremony 1

– Integration.

– Activities - Jungle Walk/Art time.


Day 5 – Seeing Deeper

– Activities continued.

– Cleansing baths/Sopladas

– Rest & Prepare for Ceremony

– 3rd Ayahuasca ceremony


Day 6 – Calling it in

– Group Integration (in Maloka)

- Activities continued/Rest time.

- Movie night!


Day 7 – Embrace the Mystery

– Kambo Ceremony 2

– Cleansing baths/Sopladas

– Rest & Prepare for Ceremony

– 4th Ayahuasca ceremony


Day 8 -  Into the Mystery

– Group Integration (in Maloka)

- Cleansing baths/Sopladas

- Rest & Preparation for Ceremony

– 5th & Final Ayahuasca Ceremony


Day 9 -  Fruits of our Labors

- Kambo Ceremony 3

– Group Integration

– Rest and Start to Pack up.

– Closing Bonfire

Day 10 - Depart & an Adventure!

- Depart for a spectacular day trip (TBD weather and group based) 

- Free time to relax and explore. 

6-10pm - Arrive in Pucallpa and drop you at Hotel Gavilanes.


                                                                                                                              ...Have a great journey home!

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